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Other Products

Along with our Water Coolers we supply other products to compliment the Water Cooler experience

7oz Clear Plastic Drinking Cup

7oz Clear Plastic Disposable Cup

These are the most popular standard size Drinking Cups which are great for convenience and avoid the need for cleaning glasses, they are available in boxes of 1,000 cups

9oz Blue Plastic Drinking Cup

9oz Blue Plastic Disposable Cup

The 9oz Drinking Cup is an alternative product offering a slightly larger cup size available in boxes of 1,000 cups.

7oz Single-Wall Paper Drinking Cup

7oz Single-wall Paper Cup

Suitable for both hot and cold water and they fit into a standard Cup Dispenser. Made from high quality food safe paperboard, they are available in boxes of 1,000 & 2000 cups.

Bottle rack

Bottle Storage Racks

To assist with tidy storage of full and empty bottles, we supply Bottle Racks which hold 4 Bottles, the dimensions are H 106.3cm x D 46.7cm x W 31cm

Rhino manual hand pump ^N1

Rhino Manual Water Hand Pump

These manual water pumps with a carrying handle are perfect for use in areas where water dispensers are not possible, eg in the home, at outside events, camping, etc.

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